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Changelog for Update 1.0.09 (added 24 March 2021)

Galaxy updated (24 March 2021)
Offline Installer updated (25 March 2021)
- Changes in enemies AI
- Graphics optimalization and fixes
- Some improvements with controller usage for Mac and Linux
Changelog for Update 2.0 (added 11 January 2023)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (11 January 2023)
Shing! Update Version 2.0 - Jan 11 2023

Keyboard Support + Difficulty Rebalance + How To Play


- Default controls are now buttons/keys only
- Alternative controls are now TwinStick/Mouse+Keyboard
- How To Play tab in the pause menu (Move List, Guard and Parry, Powerups explanation, and much more)
- UI scaling super sampling added - UI will now look nice and crisp no matter the resolution
- Parts of UI will upscale on lower resolution systems (e.g. Steam Deck) to improve readability
- Added an option to change what button graphics are displayed for controllers (PS, Xbox, NS)
- Complete rebalancing of difficulty of every enemy from the smallest mob to a boss

Game difficulty changes:

- Improved enemy attacks readability - it is more clear now when the enemy attack will hit and when to block to parry it
- Rooter (Lady Tree) root attack is now a Burst, not an Area Of Denial
- Spinner (Lady Umbrella) spin attack can now be stopped with a single parry, not three of them
- Fencer (Katana Bird Guy) will not parry if you spam the same attack on him
- Some enemy heavy attacks do not knock down anymore to improve pacing in fights
- Momentum Attacks make your character immune from start to finish (stance and attack)
- Blue fireball projectile will not break on your guard allowing other players to deflect it if the first player fails
- Minor level and challenges tweaks to balance their difficulty


- Input fixes and improvements for both BT and wired controllers on Windows, Mac, and Linux
- Fixed lighting issues on certain levels
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