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This is just an FYI post in case anyone is interested, but I was able to get this game running smoothly (and beautifully!) on my MacBook (OSX 10.11.4, 2.2Ghz i7, 8GB RAM, Intel HD 6000 w/ 1536MB).

It took a number of steps and tweaks before I could get it running, so I won't try to reproduce everything here, but just hit this topic with questions if you're in the small minority who might attempt this, and I can try to help.

Basics: I used Wineskin; installed the game (installer crashed at end, but did not matter); then (this is the part that finally got it running) copied the special dlls included in the GOG game folder into windows/system32 and, in Wine's configuration utility, and set these specific dlls as overrides to use "native only" (3 of them; two are the DirectX dll files included in the game folder, and one is another misc dll). Some other tweaks were necessary to the windowing environment for proper full-screen and continuous mouse movement.

Anyhow -- I haven't finished the game, but have proceeded far enough to see that it's running very smoothly (but do not set graphics detail to max; for some reason that crashes, even though "normal" detail with everything else turned up (textures, shadows, etc) still runs fine). If anyone was hesitating on a purchase and thought they might want to give it a try via Wine, you can know that it's possible, though a bit painful to setup.