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Hi all,

We've uploaded a new patch for Windows and new installers for Mac and Linux (a tar.gz archive for Linux to be precise :) ).

Here's the changelog:

Survival Mode (Hard)
New Prey (Pheasant)
New Lynx Skin (achievement)
Option to choose skin (if available)
Various Bugs Fixed And Some Forum Requests Implemented
Localised To Spanish, German, Portugese, Russian and Chinese
Option to turn off tutorials added.

Survival Mode:
Less prey and they are harder to catch.
Animals will migrate between zones depending on seasons.
Animals will migrate away from the player.
Your stamina will regenerate slower.
Using your sense of smell costs stamina.
Sneaking is now player controlled.
Cubs can't jump up on cliffs themselves.
Flemeth: New Lynx Skin (achievement)
Option to choose skin (if available)
Is the pre-order bonus skin now available in the game to those who preordered?