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Klumpen0815: It seems to have gone without errors, but now the big questions are:
Where is it? How can I start it?

There is no indication where it was installed, how to run it now and I can't see any link either.
vv221: It should be found where your desktop environment puts the games you install from your distribution repositories. If you have an applications menu with some kind of "games" section in it, games installed through ./ should be found there.

Just in case you don’t use any kind of applications menu, here are the commands to run each game:
Shelter ⇒ shelter
Shelter 2 (with or without Mountains DLC) ⇒ shelter-2
Paws ⇒ shelter-2-paws
Unknown arg csmt=on
Usage: /usr/bin/winetricks [options] [command|verb|path-to-verb] ...
Klumpen0815: Result:
Unknown arg csmt=on
Usage: /usr/bin/winetricks [options] [command|verb|path-to-verb] ...
You have an ancient version of winetricks installed systemwide. Uninstall the distro provided one and download the current version of winetricks, which is a shell script.
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Gydion is right here.
I’ll see if we can put some check in the script so the winetricks version is tested and a more explicit error message is shown.
I managed to update winetricks and it ran, but unfortunately has the same bug as when I just run it directly with current wine (intro running as menu background, no game graphics loading).
Klumpen0815: (…)
Well, that’s frustrating, we already updated this script to work around this issue… Looks like we did not fix all cases.

Can you give us the return of the following command?
readlink -f $(which wine)
Your Linux distribution and your video drivers are interesting infos too.
Thanks for the install script! The script enabled shelter 2 to start under Linux Mint 19.1 (64-bit). However, initially I didn't get any sound. After some random googling around for similar issues I came across "openal" dependency for linux version of this game. After installation of both "libopenal1:i386" and "lib32asound2" I was finally able to get the sounds working. You might want to add these to dependencies for shelter 2, I'm not 100% sure if both are needed as I don't want to break a working setup for my kid :)
j0k: (…)
Thanks for the report, we're going to fix this ;)
I opened an issue on our bug tracker to make sure not to forget about this:

Shelter 2

* Fix dependencies list — This should fix missing audio for pulseaudio users
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