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I bought Shelter 1 a while back, but couldn't get anywhere because the brightness was blinding- couldn't distinguish anything. Today I bought Paws and it's just fine. Also, it lets me play as a cub- something I was looking forward to in WolfQuest, but that's another story.

Might and Delight, you have yourselves a customer- though if you could help me fix the brightness issue in game #1...
Did you try to adjust the setting in you monitor to see if it can make a difference? I needed to make some changes when I played the game, because it was a bit too bright. Otherwise, I suggest you to open a ticket with the support of Gog, maybe they can give you a better lead to solve the problem, and post the settings of your computar or notebook, principally what corcerns your graphic card, maybe this can help the community to understand your problem.

Edit: a bit of my grammar.
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