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Patch (24 April 2015)

GOG files:
- patch_shelter2_2.1.1.4.exe
- shelter_2_2.3.0.10.dmg
- gog_shelter_2_1.3.0.4.tar.gz

- Survival Mode (Hard)
- New Prey (Pheasant)
- New Lynx Skin (achievement)
- Option to choose skin (if available)
- Various Bugs Fixed And Some Forum Requests Implemented
- Localised To Spanish, German, Portugese, Russian and Chinese
- Option to turn off tutorials added.

Survival Mode:
- Less prey and they are harder to catch.
- Animals will migrate between zones depending on seasons.
- Animals will migrate away from the player.
- Your stamina will regenerate slower.
- Using your sense of smell costs stamina.
- Sneaking is now player controlled.
- Cubs can't jump up on cliffs themselves.


Patch (04 May 2015)

- Lemmings spawn correctly
- You no longer get stuck in the running animation after catching pheasants
- The "lynx mother" achievement now triggers correctly
- You can't kill prey with another prey in your mouth
- Wolf music no longer get stuck in a loop
- More resolutions added
- Water in the lake area, now have the correct drowning zone
- Minor text changes in menus
- Minor bug fixes


Patch (19 May 2015)

- The player gave birth to a new generation of cubs instead of playing the correct end scene in some cases, this is fixed.
- The player could get stuck in run animation when eating, this is fixed.
- A graphical error in the sky dome is fixed.
- Wolfs will attack, even though you have no cubs left.
- Reed and grass now grow to full size during summer.
- Lots of "forum reported" bugs is now fixed.


Patch (08 July 2015)

- Pheasant collectable skulls added.
- "First person" camera mode for taking screenshots (hold "Snap Camera" while not moving).
- A bazillion bug fixes.
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