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I'm getting a black screen for videos but I can hear audio. Does anyone else get this?

Gameplay works fine though.
This question / problem has been solved by tnoyceimage
Yeah -- I have the same issue. Sound, but only a black screen. Odd, since most of the older games running DOS Box work perfectly for me.
I think I've figured out the problem.

Under the ShatteredSteel folder, you'll find a dosbox.conf file.
make a backup of it (in case this causes other issues)

Open it, and change the line:

output opengl


output direct3d.

Save the change, and try re-launching the game.

This worked wonders for me. I can now watch the intro movie, as well as hear it

Game appears to work fine with the change, though I'm hearing a few skips in the in-game audio track. Don't know if this is related to the change in the dosbox.conf file as of yet.

The little bit I've played, controls and graphics seem to work correctly in game.
Now I've got visuals, but the colors are scrambled.

Any ideas?
Download newest version of DOSBox (0.74). Version supplied with the game is outdated and they do not give an option to install without their version (0.72). Go into Shattered Steel folder, delete everything in the Dosbox folder, go to where you installed dosbox 0.74, copy all, go back to Shattered Steel folder, dosbox, then paste. Open dosbox.conf with something like notepad, delete everything from serial4=disabled to the top of the page. Go to start menu, all programs, DOSBox-0.74, options, DOSBox 0.74 options, copy page from the top to serial=disabled, go back to Shattered Steel folder, dosbox.conf,paste above [dos]. save and exit. Launch game with supplied shortcut.