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Hi all,

We have uploaded new installers for both Mac and PC that will update your game to version 1.5. Please download either installer at your convenience in order to have the latest and greatest version of the game :)


Fixed an issue where in the Prison area in Stantonsburg you could actually get over to the squid's area. There is now a ravine blocking that.
Additionally fixed the prison doors that were confusingly breakable with the sledge hammer, but led nowhere. These are now unbreakable metal doors.
Thanks to UltimateChaos for suggesting.
In the Prison in Stantonsburg, the cutscene trigger area is now far larger, and then moves your characters into the appropriate position. This way players who did not think to go south will automatically trip the cutscene anyway, and then be able to progress.
Thanks to Shakura Jolithion and UltimateChaos for suggesting.
The Unity engine (that runs the game) has been updated to version 4.2. For the most part this has no effect, although it does allow us to create a Linux version of the game for the first time.
Since a lot of people have been missing when there are updates are available in the play menu, a message now shows right in the upper left corner of the main menu screen when there are updates available, telling you how many there are and to go into the play menu to see and download them.
The new, faster, cross-OS updater that we first debuted in The Last Federation has now been brought to Shattered Haven.
The OSX build is now universal (32bit or 64bit), rather than just being 32bit.
A new and more attractive circular game icon has been created for the game.

Thanks and have a nice day :)
Thanks! I do wish you'd ditch those circular icons, though. They make all GOG game icons look practically identical, and there's so little room left for the actual image that it's nearly impossible to tell what they are. The purpose of an icon is to be instantly recognisable, and the shape is a HUGE part of that. GOG seems to want our game icons to be as unrecognisable as possible :(