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Hi all,

Just wanted to inform you that patch 1.004 is now up on our servers and ready to be snagged. Please be aware that it will also enable the auto updater function of the game.

Here's a quick change log:

Fixed an issue in the level The Farm where it was impassible in co-op mode.
Added a new boss level in the Ivanwood Marsh (which you can see Chris creating in the recent developer let's play videos).
In situations where the player 2 follower was getting stuck "walking on water" (these were rare), the player 2 follower now gets into a canoe instead.
Fixed the gray spawners using old terminology of "dead" instead "gray" in the encyclopedia.
In the bonus objectives, nicer encyclopedia-style names for the monsters and weapons and such are now used, instead of their internal names as shown in the level editor.
Fixed an issue where it was not possible to use the d-pad on a gamepad to select between the two options after you had died (the analog stick worked, just not the d-pad).
Fixed a minor issue where you could lay items while falling into water or pits.
During the reduction of the tutorial in the prior version, the inventory controls explanation was unintentionally excluded. Now it is explained right after the first remarks about the iron tacks.
Fixed an issue in the last couple of versions where the comic panel cutscenes were not showing if they were not part of a preload script. Gah!
Added a new Player2FollowerClose foreground object.
In the latter part of the second section of the tutorial, the Player2FollowerClose is now used so that it's not so hard when you're playing solo as Lela.
Improved the wording of the bonus objectives again to not use the term "of type," which was overly wordy and overly technical-sounding.
Fixed an issue from the prior version that was causing the lighting model to flicker, particularly when vsync was off.

Have a nice day :D.