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I posted these on the thread in general discussion and figured I might as well post them all together here as well.

Be aware that these do contain spoilers for some of the levels so if you're trying to avoid that don't watch them.

I didn't see the fast red gray at the beginning run and hide in the bush the first time, so I get eaten once:

Fun with bombs and holes in the parking garage:

Lots and lots of holes:

This is the same "Parking Garage" level I posted a video of above, but this time I went for a "gold" rating. That means that this time I wasn't allowed to use the shovel (no filling in bomb holes), and I wasn't allowed to use spears, so the level plays out a bit differently than before:

Grappling with the whip. There are no grays here as this is more of a pure puzzle level:

Here's a level I found really difficult and left in all my deaths. I figured I should post at least one where I really struggle.
Enjoy watching me suffer on this one! XD :