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This puzzle is very hard, and the hints on the Steam Community forums only get players so far. What the hell are we looking at???

Well, the answer is:

[spoiler]Knock 5x, Buzz 4x[/spoiler]
Your spoilers are broken. And what do you mean with "get players so far"? Pretty much all the steps are described in detail.
I actually found this puzzle quiet good. There were enough hints in the game (i. e. the book about caligraphy).
not being able to look again at the chalkboard after writing the letter properly really put a clamper on those that didnt see the hint on the board with the letters remaining, like me. I was concentrating on doing the letter correctly. having no hot link to it afterward stopped my progression totally until i saw a walkthrough.

nvm I just read that to look again at the board you had to rt-click on it, doh. left clicking it didnt do anything after solving
Post edited September 28, 2017 by mintee