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Seems shardlight maybe a delayed release because gog's update did not unlock the game, thought it was beeing released on the 8th, any further news ? been waiting all night to play this, now its 1:30am on the 9th in australia, still no unlock.
there's a timer on the wadjeteye website; the game will be available in 12 hours from now on. i guess gog is taking the same route. too bad, hoped to play it today (euro time zone) :/
Post edited March 08, 2016 by kpz
oh well thats life :)
steam notice timer:

Available: 8 March

This game will unlock in approximately 2 hours

thats european i guess, that would be 16:32 + 2 hours would be 18:30 (military time)(24h)
or 6:30 PM (am/pm)

i favor the 24h. Thats way easier to remind then the awkward 06:00 am
and 6:pm
i hate am/pm unfortunately my english windows uses am/pm

(release time at time of posting this)

i hope they use EU time and not the other one, that takes way to long...
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yeah i hate pacific time its like 18 hours later lol
yay, downloadable now on gog!
yup, i have it :D
now lets play