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Changelog for Patch 1.1 / GOG-3 (Windows) (added 23 March 2016):

- The ability to successfully input the knock/buzz code is now triggered by having the chalk in your inventory, not drawing the symbol correctly.
- Dialogue option to ask the Train Lady about the broken record player is now triggered by looking or interacting with it before she appears.

- Using the shrapnel on the unlocked hatch plays the Train Lady cutscene correctly.
- Fixed a crash caused by talking to Max Huber before the ravens flew to the statue after scaring them.
- Fixed a crash caused by walking too quickly onto the region where the ravens land on the ground when they flew back and forth.
- Fixed a bug where using inventory items on the painting's eyes gave no response.
- Fixed a bug where looking at the severed arm at the entrance to the Quarantine Zone messed up Amy's character portrait.
- Fixed a bug where having the menu open while Gus commented on Denby's drawing would freeze the game.
- Player can no longer climb up the elevator shaft on the second floor of Wally's after meeting the Reaper, preventing the "invisible Amy" bug (NOTE: if you saved your game while Amy was invisible, enter and re-enter the map screen to make Amy visible again after applying the patch).
- Fixed a bug where using the listening device on the speakers after knocking down the AC would repeat the prison guard's remark.
- Fixed a bug where using the walkie talkie while looking at the record player or painting closeups would freeze the game.
- Fixed a bug where you could repeatedly shoot the chute in the incinerator after Gordon crosses the rope.