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Hey there,

I want to play the game with my gamepad (Logitech F710 ) but I can not configure the buttons and I can not change from keyboard to gamepad in game. Can anybody help me?
If I start the game the controller works in the settingscreen but ingame is no controller.....

I have tried it with xinput and dinput mode and withe the xpad kerneldriver and the proprietary xbox driver (xboxdrv). Nothing works.
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Try AntiMicro?
That is an opinion, but some games like "Bastion" for example, get another "mode", if you play via gamepad. It is not the same because in "gamepadmode" is autofocus active and in "keyboardmode" not. I have testet it with
It is a gui for antimicro I think......
And the point is, that the game will be sold with controllersupport. If it is only for windows, gog must write that in the gamecard.
I get no answer from frozenbyte about this bug. Gog told me that I have to use Ubuntu 14.04 or Ubuntu 16.04, but I think there is no gamepadsupport too.
Is anybody here who use Ubuntu and test it for me? I do not want to install Ubuntu to test only one game....

It is a shame. I want to told that bug in frozenbyte forum, but my topic and my comments are not online after hours because the mods there checked every comment.....nothing happen there.
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Today I recieved an email from frozenbyte


Unfortunately we can't offer official support for gamepads on Linux. We'll still look into this if it would be possible, but I can't promise anything.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.

Let me know if you have any other questions or just feedback. Cheers!

Frozenbyte team
Okayyy..... Please change the gamecard gog. This publisher does not support gamepads, but sold it with gamepad support. I am a little bit angry.
From gog itself I get no info with which gamepad they have tested the game...
I have no special gamepad, it is equal to an xobox-controller. They use the same driver....

I think I have said enough. If you want to play this game in linux with a gamepad......FORGET IT!!

I always get a new entry in the frozenbyte forum:

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