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I realize the rewind mechanic is a core part of Shadwen, and I'm fine with checkpoints during the game.

That said, I feel we need to be able to save and quit when we feel like doing so. I just lost 25 minutes of game time because I couldn't save and quit out, but I needed to leave and shut down the game.

Before someone chimes in with some ridiculous comment about "save scumming" or worse yet, "handling the consequences of their actions," let me remind them that using the rewind function can effectively reverse and eliminate any problem.

Get caught by a guard? Rewind. Kill a guard, but want to try doing it non-lethal? Rewind. Lilly keeps running out into the courtyard despite telling her to stay put or hide in a haystack? Rewind.

So yeah, there are no "consequences" to be had, and "save scumming" is only an issue in a rogue-like where permanent death is a part of the game. No such thing here in Shadwen.

All I'm asking for is the ability to save the game when quitting so I don't lose time played because real life called or I just feel like calling it a night. That seems fair.
You're right. But from what they have explained the save anywhere created bugs (at certain points of the game save can break the save file, according to what they explained). In practice they have not been able to create a save system 100% complete.