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Yesterday I bought Shadowrun Returns off of - the installation attempt was a little spotty, I kept getting a message that a file was missing on my computer. Anyway, I finally got the game to launch, but with the installation files, there were two .bin files. I can only assume I should put them in the bin folder for the game, but I wanted to check on this forum before I do so. Any help is appreciated!
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I take a look into the game files, but I don't see any .bin file anywhere.

About the missing file error of the installer, I remember reading a threat where other users are complaining about the same, that the stand alone classic installer is reporting about a missing file related with the Galaxy client.
What are you guys talking about? The 'Shadowrun Returns' installer is two files: an .exe that launches the installer and a .bin file that has all the data. Gavindale, what you're describing makes no sense. If the installer was telling you that a file was missing, perhaps you had not finished downloading the .bin file or it was in another directory than the executable?

Make sure both of these files are in the same directory/folder and launch the executable and follow the instructions to install the game. Once the installation is complete you no longer need these two files, they are just the installer.

There is no BIN directory within the game directory, I think you're mistaken.
sorry, you need to download it again :(