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So I started with an elf and picked custom with these stats:

Body 4 Quickness 3 Ranged combat 3 Intelligence 4 Decking 3 Drone Control 4 Drone Combat 3 Charisma 4 (Security, Corporate Ettiquettes)

Does this look like a solid start? I just finished the prologue mission and have 7 karma to spend, but I don't know where to go from here. I did buy the Kraftwerk cyberdeck and the medic 1 program. Do I have a basic attack in the matrix or do I need to buy an attack program for that? I also really need to know when to put more points into decking vs. drone control/combat.

When will 4 decking be essential to pass a mission while getting all pay data? Same question for 5,6,7 decking. Should I stop at 6 points in decking and then use gear for +1 decking and still have access to Excalibur deck or will I want to wear rigging gear instead so need to put 7 in decking?

From what I've read ESP is nearly worthless and I think I'll be skipping it. I have read that biotech is useful for conversation checks, but I'm not sure if I'll have karma left for that and 2 more charisma points for gang etiquette while still having 4 AP drones and being able to use the Excalibur deck. Any advice and/or links to a good guide will help, thx.