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Hi all

I'm a bit new to running gog games on linux.
I downloaded shadow warrior classic redux with lgogdownloader and have run the setup.
When I execute the resulting file in the installation folder I get the following:

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux$ ./
Running Shadow Warrior Classic Redux
Started new log file

*** DRM-FREE Initialization ***

After which a shadow warrior titled window with nothing in it pops up and just kind of hangs there for minutes util I close it. Not sure if it is relevant but while the window is open my system time on the task bar seems to be set to a wrong value. Regardless of if I run it as su or not, makes no difference.

Does anybody have an idea what might be going on? I did basically the same thing for Blood 1 and that works like a charm.

I could boot to windows and install it there but where is the fun in that (other than playing the game which is quite fun in so far as I remember)
Post edited January 25, 2019 by goram.browncoat