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Hello everybody,

A few days ago I bought shadow warriors 2. I started with the second easiest level of difficulty. At first I had problems with the menues, but after 8 hours of gameplay now and fullfilling nearly the half of the game on this level, I got more and more familiar with it.

One boss fight was really awful. I mean, this female opponent with these endless legs. This was a totally nerving experience, I hate it. Fortunately all hit points persist after death and after countless deaths the story went on.

I never had so much fun with a computer game in the last years.

My favorite game of all times is still Max Payne one.

In my opinion the best voice acting in the gaming industry we had was in the Duke Nukem series with the voice actor Jon St John. Shadow warrior 2 I would decorate with the silver medal. Wang sounds really cool, too. ;-) In fact I never went through a single Duke Nukem title. I always loved the voice acting but not really the gameplay with these fucking key cards, but I could recommend the first levels of Duke Nukem Manhattan project

I found out, that in close combats with Katanas or other swords shadow warrior 2 crashed often on my computer system. I am using a windows 10 system with a sufficient hardware setting. My favorite weapon is a double shotgun. Using long range weapons everything went fine.

I hope to see the end titles of shadow warrior 2 in a few days for the first time. I still have to find out how to upgrade the weapons with stones or something like that, which is meanwhile confusing to me.

Thank you for this fun title! ;-)
While I was having a blast the first few hours, I quickly got bored with this game. Too many stop and update your guns endless bonanza. Same setup of enemies and situations throughout the entire game. The voice acting and idea is where SW2 shines IMHO. I like the quirky humor and cheap jokes, but the game-play doesn't really impressed me. Felt more like flash and no thunder compared to the previous game. The way you cut things in the SW2013 felt more satisfying (or at least I remember it like that).

I don't like the graphics. The raindrops that run down the camera lens in front of you, the obvious depth of field, plastic filters and enemies popping in at close range feels like such a couch-warrior approach. Not the game that speaks to my play style. I only tried mp once, prefer to play with friends, and don't have any who have this game - but that seemed to be the real fun part of this game, so I bet that if you have a nice list of friends, than you are going to spend countless of hours in MP.