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i have this game on ps4 (shadow warrior 2) and on gog. at the moment i am only able to play the console version (need a new pc but bought it to support the devs)

on ps4 this game crashes about once per hour. from what i' ve read the ps4 version is in far worse shape than the game on pc. i know games with rpg elements nowadays have a lot of glitches but how bad is it (on pc) compared to... let's say... the dead island series or assassins creed unity? is it halfway decent?
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had a lot of time to do some research about this topic since my last post.

short anwer: the game holds up pretty well.

long aswer: not as glitchy as some of the AAA-games are nowadays. i´ve compared it to assasins creed 3 by reading all of the metacritic user reviews. furthermore sw2 got a very good post release support.
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