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Bonus added (added 12 December 2016):

- 15 HD wallpapers
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Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun Demo

Changelog for Update (added 19 December 2016):

- New demo version for Linux added
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Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Changelog for Patch 1.2.1 / GOG-4 (Windows) / GOG-2 (Linux and Mac) (added 21 December 2016):

- Added new control options:
-- "Invert Camera Movement"
-- "Invert Camera Rotation"
-- "Invert Camera Zoom"
-- "Invert Aiming"
- Set V-Sync default to 60 for new installs
- Set V-Sync in menu to 60 (independent from V-Sync setting in Video options)
- Set unknown gamepad default to not enabled (can be re-enabled in the options menu)
- Added user data backup
- Added key bindings for character multiselecting and camera dragging
- Fixed errors at game start that resulted in only showing a black screen
- Eye-Tracking: SpeedUp and Fix of Bungee-Zoom
- Chinese localization reworked
- Other minor localization fixes
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Changelog for patch 1.3.4f / GOG-5 (Windows) / GOG-10668 (Mac) / GOG-3 (Linux) (added 20 March 2017):

- Greetings!
- The royal court at the Imperial Palace just decreed that Italian players can play the game in their native tongue!
- All hail the wise Shogun!
- Buon divertimento!
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Changelog for Patch 1.4.4.f / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (added 07 September 2017):

- Added Turkish text language support
- Added traditional Chinese text language support
- Reworked and improved simplified Chinese text language support
that is a BIIIIIIIIIIIIG patch
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Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun Demo

Changelog for Update 1.4.4.d (added 13 September 2017):

- The demo is identical to the full version except for the following differences:
- only levels one and two are included in the build
- the game is not attached to the client it is delivered through and can be run independently
- consequently, no achievements are awarded
- the second level has a 10 minute timer per playthrough
- If he second level is completed or terminated by the timer, a promotion screen linking to the official Shadow Tactics website is displayed
- Analog to the full version update, the 1.4.4 demo provides three new languages, everything else remains unchanged.
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Changelog for Patch 2.2.2.f (added 16 April 2018):

* Major performance improvements
* Reduced saving and loading times
* Reduced mission loading times
* Minor bugfixes
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Changelog for Patch 2.2.10.f (added 06 June 2018):

- Savegames won't break anymore when switching back from v2.2.x to v1.4.4
- Greenscreen fix for Ubuntu
- Fixed mouse cursor issues with special input devices (e.g. Microsoft Surface Pen)
- Fixed Turkish loca UI text bugs

Known Issues:

- [Windows] Purple / Pink Screen on game start appears on some systems with DirectX 10/11 graphics cards (system erroneously initialises DirectX 9 instead of DX10/11). Check here for possible solution:
- [Windows 10] If DPI scale is set to anything higher than 100%, the game window itself will also increase in height and length
- [Ubuntu] Game always starts with Gamma set to 100%
- [Ubuntu] 3x Achievements in mission "Osaka Castle" won't unlock