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V1.4 - 2022-01-13

-Brazilian Portuguese language has been added.
-Added HD Textures for FX.
-The bonus .pdf files from the original Shadow Man PC release is now included.
-Splash intro is now a cutscene and will play correctly for each language and includes subtitles.
-Fixes to cutscenes for non english languages.
-Made sure Luke holds his Teddy Bear in the same position during his final cutscene for all languages.
-Fix to final Legion cutscene where the Dark Souls enter Legion from both of Shadow Mans hands.
-When the Hold To Skip bar and text are shown they are visible for a minimum amount of time.
-Asylum - The Dark Engine: The lights in the piston console rooms are now green when they're on and red when they're turned off.
-Asylum - The Cageways: Fixed lighting difference between first and second sectors.
-Asylum - Experimentation Rooms: Some lighting changes were done in the hallway in sector 4 so it performs better.
-Asylum - Schism Chambers: Added new Monologue and Schism cutscenes using previously unused dialog.
-Asylum - Schism Chambers: Event08 music track now plays at the Catherdal of Pain entrance.
-Temple of Blood: Corrected the direction of blood flow on the floor in an area in sector 6 and added water boxes for it.
-Temple of Blood: In the room with 8 calabash plates, 2 sisters were on the above ledge in the psx version and have been added in.
-Temple of Blood: In the area where you lower and raise the lava, you can no longer trigger the button to raise it without lowering it first.
-Asylum - The Fogometers: Half the turbines will now play their looping spin sound instead of all of them so they aren't as loud anymore.
-London Underground: In a certain area, made sure you can't fall through pipes and get stuck.
-Florida Summer Camp: Fixed Schism cutscene camera from starting through the wall.
Geometry fixes to several levels.
-A level 10 Coffin Gate has appeared somewhere.
-Marteau targets the 5 closest enemies taking into account their threat level. And hitting drums while a cam cut is active will properly hit the drums.
-The Flambeau light now correctly goes away when out of Voodoo meter and can be fired as long as the torch is lit.
-Increased 0.9-SMG and MP-909 damage from 4 to 5 and increased max ammo from 400 to 500.
-Added Multi-targeting option in the Game Settings menu. With this on (by default) when you have weapons in both your hands, each hand can target a different enemy. Turning this off makes both hands target the same enemy.
-A few helpful tips for controlling Shadow Man at the start of the game are now shown and can be disabled in the Game -Settings menu.
-Moved Brightness/Gamma settings to Display menu.
-When starting a new game you now have to select a save file slot to start playing on (like the original). Quick saves will now save to that slot.
-You can now use your controller sticks to navigate the inventory menu.
-Button images are now displayed in the Title Screen, and Input Bindings menu.
-Update to the FBI pages for Milton and Marco.
-When picking up quest items they will be selected in your inventory.
-When opening the Teddy Bear Warp menu your current location is selected.
-Made AI loaf around when fetching target to shadow man but they shouldn't attack.
-AI in their finished state are slightly higher priority targets.
-Brutal baddies can shoot higher and lower.
-Lowered Copter damage from 2 to 1.
-Restored Zombie baddies original max attack range.
-Lifeforce drops down only from flying enemies.
-Fixes to Marco and Avery AI when Enseigne is used.
-Marco remains longer during his second encounter.
-Added new music track, Yort's Battle End, which plays after defeating Yort.
-Shadow Man will no longer target the smoke rings above the Asylum far in the distance in various levels.
-Fixed the tracking cameras collision ball radius when hanging or climbing so the camera won't keep zooming in and out at times.
-Prevented Shadow Man from climbing things that don't have the Climb attribute.
-Coffin Gates immediately update their mesh at the start of the level.
-Fixes to auto saves that could cause certain save flags to not be saved.
-Fixed problems with the Copter Spotlight, Flambeau light and Flash Light after loading a game.
-The sky planes are no longer drawn when in wireframe mode.
-Moved Beta Man's mask farther from his face.
-Shadow Mans second death sfx is now used.
-Added uncensored deadwing texture.
-Updated Kex to version 4.0
-Performance optimizations
-Other minor fixes
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