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I loved this game as a kid and am so glad to find it here!

I'm playing the mac version and have come upon a bug in the Undercity level:

In Undercity, the engineer's key won't stop the tall column of spikes from spinning so I can't jump down and get the Dark Soul at the bottom. I've got 119 of them and this is the last one!!

Anyone else having this issue or know of a fix?

Much appreciated!
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Definitely a bug, by the sound of it, if the console doesn't work as it should. Does it show something on its "display" when you use it, like other consoles? In any case, you can try to reload the level by leaving and coming back. It will respawn all of the enemies, but you can run past them.
Thanks for the tip!
I reloaded and went back in. Still doesn't work.
The display has the triangle shape as if it's engaged, but the pillar still spins.

Looks like I may have to settle for 119 Dark Souls :-/