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*spoilers ahead I strongly recommend you play the remaster for yourself below is some information about the game that might spoil the experience*

I was lucky enough to get early access which has allowed me to make this review for the game. Here are a few points I have seen people on the ask about the remaster.

1. I can confirm there is a cadeaux counter in the game on the warp menu which tells you how many you have in each warp point.

2. You can turn off the HD textures in the menus if you want to play with the original textures, but the new lighting effects are still there even if you turn the new textures off, also you have to warp out of the level and back in for the texture change to take effect.

3. The cable cart in the asylum has been modified to now take you to the first level of the new cut content the Experimentation Rooms.

Here is my full review of the game.
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