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I'm kinda surprised this didn't get posted last month but Nightdive is working on remastering the game in Kaiser's KEX engine (used in a bunch of the Nightdive remasters such Turok, Forsaken, Doom 64, etc.) which will hopefully do it better justice than the current not-so-great release they just kinda plopped out there.

Read the news here. No solid release date set and the gallery images are nothing awe inspiring, but it can only be better from the current release. Because I absolutely refuse to believe it could be worse.
I don't see anything Remastered on the images to be frank.
But now I'm curious to hear what is not-so-great about the current GOG release?
Right, as I said, the images are not awe inspiring. Though, in fairness, I wasn't expecting them to be mind blowing in cleaned up detail or anything either

Also, in terms of the current release of the game - it's not that it's unplayable or anything, but (as an example) it's a pain to remap controls in it and a bit of a nightmare to play it with a controller overall (which should not be the case). There's other things, but those fall under the umbrella of "not universally applicable" and are more dependent upon individual experience (crashes, etc.).
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The Remaster is coming on April 15th.

Seems they will be including content that was cut from the original release but nothing has been revealed about what the content is.
wolfsite: The Remaster is coming on April 15th.
I can't wait for this one. Finally having good mouse & keyboard controls will make such a big difference in how the gameplay will feel.