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First off - wanted to say a massive thanks to NightDive for releasing this! I loved this game on the N64, and it's great playing it again. I could never get the original version working properly. Its amazing to see support for ultrawide resolution (3440x1440), FOV etc in this version.

However, I am having issue with mouse acceleration / negative accel. I'm finding it really hard to take aim at something, and it really doesn't feel right.

I've removed DOF and Motion Blur from the options which helps, but is there an option to remove Mouse Acceleration anywhere? I simply can't find it

Had a look at the kexengine.cfg file but nothing obvious stands out, and nothing is showing on pcgaming wiki.

Here's hoping someone has found a solution.
Looks like an update just landed!

Thanks Devs for working on this and to keep improving it. I'm loving the game

I found that pressing ctrl will give you a fps view with crosshair, and no mouse accl - awesome stuff! I've no idea if it was there before, and I just missed it.

Would it be possible to remove it when Shadowman is just walking around? It could be a placebo effect, but it seems to have turned down a bit, or maybe I've just got used to it

The big question I've got now is do I start again now with the latest patch? I absolutely love this game, and this is a brilliant remaster.
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Ok, I may have solved this problem myself!

It isn't mouse acceleration, and it is't mouse smoothing. It's the delay in the camera rotating that was making me think there was accel or mouse smooting going on

The config file is stored at:
%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Nightdive Studios\Shadowman EX\kexengine.cfg

I added these two lines to the config file - not sure if they do anything though

seta cl_mouseAccel "0"
seta m_filter "0"

However, also in the main line in the config file is
seta g_cameratrackdamp "12.0"

I changed this to:
seta g_cameratrackdamp "0.0"

and it works perfectly now! The mouse seems to be smoothly tracking now

You can also use the tidle key, and just enter this command directly into it's shell

There may have an optoin somewhere for this that I may have missed. Here's hoping someone else finds this useful if not.

Thanks Nighdive for such an awesome remaster, I've doing another playthrough now using mouse / kboard.
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