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I recall there being a bunch more, but could have just been for the Dreamcast version. Here is what I have acquired thus far;

Play as: Deadwing
Play as: Duppie
Play as: Nettie
Invisible Man Mode
Flame On Mode
Big Head Mode

I recall the Dreamcast game had weapon cheats like 'Deadside Shotguns', and truly crazy ones like 'Disco Mode'. I just cleared Mordant Street, trying unsuccessfully to reach that second-level perch left of the elevator (third floor directly above it appears impassable as well). Any info on a definitive secrets list would be welcome :)
If you have Facebook you could join the Shadow Man Fanclub. Once a member, there's guides and stuff for all your needs.
Catch (also for all future people who might want that):
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Yep, me have the very same problem, and no guide suffice, because of three reasons:

- not even in the official strategy guide we have an official list of secrets
- seems the list of secrets/unlockables/cheats vary between consols
- the secrets seem to be independent from location. I mean there is a list of secrets, and a list of places to unlock them, and in whatever order you visit the secret-places, you'll get the secrets in a fixed order, thus you can not say "in the Gad Temple you'll unlock Play as a Duppie", you can only say there is a location to unlock A secret in Gad Temple, and you can give a list that "the secret you'll first unlock will be play as a duppie" (duppie is an example, and not the real thing!)

After roaming through the internet for secrets I found these in guides, not specified which platform they belong to:
- Twig Boy (also called as Stick Boy). N64 version only.
- I like Deadside Shotgun (N64/Dreamcast only)
- play as a dead wing
- big heads mode
- flame grill (also called as Flame On Mode)
- play as a bloodshot (also called Access Bloodshot). N64 only, and by the avaiable pictures I can't distinguish this from the "play as a deadsider", although by title they are definitely different.
- wireframe mode
- play as a deadsider (N64 version only)
- play as a duppie
- (play as) invisible shadow man
- play as a dog
- comedy shoes
- Disco Mode
- Giant Stetson Mode
- Play as Nettie
- Pea Soup (mode)
- shotgun head mode
- trippy mode
- area 51 mode



Location of the file:

I have the GoG-version, PC.

- Big head mode: got as 6th. In the Cathedral of Pain fall down to the very bottom, and follow the path, which'll end ina vertical shaft (a big one). Fall down into it. ShadowMan skin.
- Disco mode: got for 10th. Gardelle County Prison, reached from Lizard King's schizm. Go along the corrifor right from the passage you reach the place you shoot down the helicopter. Practically the same as Trippy Mode, without the screen shaking.
- Flame on mode: Flame On Mode: found 2nd in the Temple of Fire in the room with the big ramp. Ideally you'd gain this coming back with the Flambeau, but due to design-flaw and gamer-persistence you can just jump to the location's corridor from the other end by standing on the rail of the ramp. Additional effect for Shadowman's representation (burning effect).
- Pea soup mode: got before Area 51 mode. In London go in the toilet, that's where it is this found. If used, your visuals will be reduced to almost 0.
- Comedy shoes mode: got 12th. Mordant Street. Go up by the elevator, and go in the building. Choose the corridor leading right,and get across the falling floor.
- Giant Stetson mode: found 9th in Asylum: Undercity. Just after porting there climb to the building on the right, and climb further (just a few steps). You'll see a U-shaped tube. Jump to it.
- Shotgun head mode: got it as the 11th in Gardell Country Jail. In the Jail level right before the battle with the Lizard King there should be a stairway almost completely surrounded by metal mesh (3 out of 4 sides). On the bottom of those stairs there is a bunch of padded cells, just walk into the one farthest away to receive a secret. This is the lamest secret: its effect is, that it changes the shotgun's emptied patrons (what falls to your legs, not the actual bullet) into "small heads" instead the usual patron. Almost unnoticeable, and does not affect anything else.
- Trippy mode: got 3rd. You'll need the Touch-gad. Port to Asylum: Cageways, drop down at the entrance to the left, and go until you reach the first rooms after the lava. Go right, climb up the boxes, jump to the second plank. Go to its middle, and jump on/through the third plank to gain Trippy Mode. Changes the environment's colouration and shakes the screen.
- Invisible man mode: got as the 4th secret in Asylum: playgrounds in an empty cell after a LONG time of playing, deep in the complex. It was one of five prison cells on the same corridor. Additional effect forShadoman's skin (can be combined with skin-changes AND flame on mode the same time!). Yes, the monsters still see you.
- Area-51 Mode: we all know where this mystrie is. Unfortunately there is only a book (no second Violator), and this mode only effects the basic zombies (which are stationary and moan), and deadwings.
- Play as Nettie: in the Temple of Prophecy you'll reach a room players call "flambeau maze". It is obvious why: there are lots of skin-doors to be burned there. Wander around it to gain a secret. For me it was the 5th, called Play as Nettie.
- Play as Duppie: found 1st, in Temple of Life, going to the second altair from the right (has to do nothing else). Changes Shadowman's skin.
- Play as Deadwing: found 7th, in Temple of Blood. From the entrance go right. In the first (U shaped) acid room will be a passage to the right, go in. Push the button so a hammer crushes a pillar. Walking the new way you can access a small sideroom, where the secret will be activated
- Play as a dog!: found 8th. Swamp (starting area). Blast the sigil (next to the church) with the calabash and enter the tunnel.

+1: Wireframe Mode:
First you must enable the Debug Menu.To enable it find this directory: data/scripts/menu/english
There rename release.msc to release.old, rename debug.msc to release.msc
The next time you start a new game, the debug menu should become available.
One of the newmenus will have "WireframeMode (0)". Set it to 1.

By re-renaming the above two files you can change back to the original state of the game, but if you mess around, I do not guarantee the consequences.
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Do the secrets have any tangible benefits, or are they just for the lulz? Invisibility would come in pretty handy, as would the dead wing mode.
Pretty much for the lulz yeah.
Secrets are just "for the lulz", and as the 3D-grid remain the same, they even make your game harder, even with the simplest change of skin.

With invisibility, flame on and such the game will be actually so difficult, even reaching anywhere can be a challenge.

PS: I'll update my first post here with the unlocks as I gain them during the game).

PPS: if "Deadside Shotgun" works (it is told N64 version and Dreamcast version has it in the secrets menu, that DOES do more than visuals.
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