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Hey Thieves,

Here are some questions and answers you might want to read before playing Seven: Enhanced Edition. Enjoy!

1. What does the Enhanced Edition bring into the game?
Enhanced Edition brings a whole new expansion named Drowned Past to the existing Seven: The Days Long Gone base game.

2. What does the Drowned Past bring into the game?
Drowned Past introduces a whole new storyline, within which Teriel runs into "the Enclave," a ragtag group of mysterious vagabonds who have discovered the mythological sunken vessel and are exploring it in the hopes of unearthing riches. You will be able to explore new locations, meet new characters, obtain unique weaponry, use new skill and dive into new questline - there are overall +7 hours of additional gameplay waiting for you in the expansion.

3. On what platforms will the Enhanced Edition be available?
PC and PlayStation 4.
The PC version will be available on the same digital platforms as before - including Steam, GoG, Humble Store, Green Man Gaming and many others!

4. Does Drowned Past work as a stand-alone DLC?
No, Drowned Past is a part of Seven: The Days Long Gone base game experience, therefore you need to have the original game in order to play it.

5. Do I have to pay for Drowned Past?
Not at all! If you have the original base game, you will get your game automatically updated to Enhanced Edition, that will contain the Drowned Past for free!

6. Why are you giving out the expansion for free, feeling too rich?
It's a big thank you to all the players who supported us till this moment. Even though IMGN.PRO and Fool’s Theory are relatively small studios, we want to make sure that you have fond memories from Seven. We have been dedicated to show you our constant gratitude by delivering patches and upgrades, so now it's time for completely new content!

7. Will the PC price change for Seven when Enhanced Edition launches?
It will not! We're giving the Drowned Past expansion to users for free, without any gimmicks or strings attached. The pricing for PC game remains the same, with occasional promotion happening from time to time across all digital distribution platforms.

8. Will there be a physical release of Enhanced Edition?
You will be able to buy a PS4 physical copy of the game in selected European territories. The PS4 boxed edition will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary in due time, date of release vary from territory to territory. For more details on regions and shops listing, please stay tuned to our social media channels.

9. Where does the Drowned Past missions start, do I need to finish the game in order to play it?
You don't need to finish the game in order to play Drowned Past missions. Obtaining the first quest from Seven: The Drowned Past is possible from the point after starting the main story quest "Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe." Players will be notified by Artanak about something unusual.

10. If I complete missions from Drowned Past, will it make the rest of the game easier for me (because of better loot/weapons/skill)?
It all comes down to how you play the game. You will acquire new loot, that's correct - but it won't be distinctly better than the gear you can possess.

11. Does the expansion work with my current saves?
Yes. If the save comes from the moment of the story before the start of Drowned Past, it should activate by the time we get to the new questline. If the save comes from the moment where DLC should be already active then after loading player should be informed by the Artanak about something unusual.

12. I finished the game, can I still load a save from a certain point of the game before Drowned Past mission starts?
Yes. After loading player should be informed by the Artanak about something unusual.

13. How and where can I obtain that cool-looking flamethrower?
Flamethrower is one of the new weapons that we have added in the expansion. Without getting into spoilers, you will learn the means on how to get it in the game from the story of Drowned Past.

14. Does Drowned Past/Enhanced Edition bring new achievements to the game?
Yes, there will be 5 new achievements to obtain. There will be added up on Steam and also available in Enhanced Edition PS4 version.

15. Does Drowned Past/Enhanced Edition bring some technical fixes?
Yes, there will be plenty of technical and gameplay improvements, among them some issues which were addressed by our community.

16. Does Drowned Past/Enhanced Edition have new hardware requirements?
No, the hardware specs for the game stay exactly the same as they were for the base game.

17. How much time will Drowned Past take me to complete?
Drowned Past contains a new questline, which should take over 7 hours to complete, depending on your Seven gameplay expertise and abilities.

18. Will Seven: Enhanced Edition arrive at other platforms as well?
Till this moment we have focused all our energy on the Enhanced Edition PC and PlayStation 4 release. We don't shut out the possibility of bringing our game to other consoles in the future though!

19. Is this the last thing you do for the game or are there more updates/DLCs planned in works?
We will continue working on the game, providing fixes and (possibly!) supporting new languages as well. As for new content, we will be following your reactions to Drowned Past, and we will see what you make of it!
JanIMGN, Hi, I know that it's been a long time since the game's release, but after I complete Seven Enhanced Edition - want to say that during walkthrouh I encountered a number of annoying bugs and glitches. How I can report them to Developers (I've captured video and screenshots and can send them)?