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I happened upon the bandit camp for this quest rather early in the game. Technomagi dropped in and caused a disturbance. I took out a few guards behind the building and slipped out the back end or something into the zone 7 checkpoint. Many hours later, when I'm passing through the zone 7 checkpoint for the quest in the of giants and men quest, I get flagged with a "new quest discovered" flag, right where that bandit camp is. Only now not only is the bandit leader gone, but the quest marker is UNDER the camp. If I go to the bottom level there is a hole where the minimap marker is, and I can see the quest question mark underneath, If I jump down the hole, even though there is a supporting arch for me to land on, I just instantly die. I'm assuming the bandit leader got killed when I was away, and much later, when the quest actually unlocked, it bugged and he's nowhere to be found.

Anyone know of a way out of this? I very much wanted that dagger and shotgun :/