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Changelog for Patch 180 (added 22 June 2017):

- Added missing language files for French, German, and Portuguese
- Netricsa and level end screen now correctly displays the current difficulty
- Added console variable g_dash_abort to configure how easily dodge is cancelled
- Enabled experimental and buggy splitscreen mode, info
- Allow audio taunts option is now properly saved
- Fixed a connection related crash
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Changelog for Patch 181 (added 28 June 2017):

- Fixed a crash on startup
- Fixed timezone issue with information about game saves
- Fixed several minor mod related issues
- Fixed scaling and the escape menu when using splitscreen
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Changelog for Patch 187 (added 28 August 2017):

- Added split screen
- Improved game over screen
- Fixed several crashes
- Several editor fixes
- Adjusted gamepad cursor movement for improved accuracy
- Added short immortality when spawning in survival
- Added Last weapon key
- Added Infinite ammo switch
- Improved high DPI screen support
- Several code fixes for modding
- Added savepoint when the robots die, end bossfight
- End timer on normal was increased by 20 seconds
- Loot drop chance of Health and Ammo from scientists were increased
- The same scientists has a slightly reduced speed
- Some missing netricsa information was added