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Hello goggers,

i wanted to play serious sam 1 via multiplayer....the ports are open (25600-25603) and i start a server via network>>start server...the game is running and she tries to join....she connects and i can see her character pop und and a message that she joined appears......but it doesnt work on her side...she only got a black screen tying to stabilize connection"......but thats it...nothing works....we both tried it without firewall.....nothing

does anyone here got an idea? thanks alot
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Ports needed are 25600-25616 TCP & UDP

gog version is not updated and Gamespy was closed some year's go...

you need latest patched version that for now is only steam version
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Master server patch for the non-Steam versions of TFE/SE classic (and Serious Sam 2, although that game is not here on GOG).
Tested on "Serious Sam: First Encounter v1.05(21759)"

Only one port seems to be needed. I just opened port 25600 for TCP & UDP and my friend could join my game over the internet. TCP for the initial contact, UDP for ingame data streaming. As the guest is able to enter any specific server port, one can use any port at the hosters firewall external site, as long as it is then routed to port 25600 on the server machine.