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Hi folks,
I got a little problem with Serious Sam Second Encounter!
After I installed the game I tried to start it up, but there shows up a message about "~starting the first time the game ~ " Afterwards this message appears: "FatalError: 'Cannot set display mode'! Serious Sam was unable to find display mode with hardware acceleration. Make shure you install proper drivers for your video card as recommended in documentation an set desktop to 16 bit (65536 colors). Please see ReadMe file for troubleshooting information."
Now the stuff I tried:
-set display to 16 bit
-updated directX
-run Serious Sam in compatibility mode with different settings
-disabled security program

I checked my display driver and it isn`t realy up to date, its from ~ 2009 BUT its an Thinkpad T61 with NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M and I have to update my BIOS as well if I want to install the newer driver! (I don`t want to update my BIOS - to risky)

Its also quite unlikely that this problem is coused by the driver, because there are no problems at all with other games!

Hopefully somebody can help me ... and others who have the same issue

I tried to install the 1.50 beta patch, but while installing it says:" Serious Sam is not installed on this machine. Maintance pack setup will exit now"
=> WOW thats a "maintance pack" isn´t it?!

Found a forum about this topic: http://forums.seriouszone.com/showthread.php?59369-Can-t-start-Sam
They got it working with an Thinkpad T61 by modifying something like the startup .ini or .txt
The probleme is, they didn´t write down the solution.
So I modifyed the SeriousSam.txt in the mainfolder, but it seems that it is just a log-file, because every change I made was vanished after starting the game.
Then I found "Game_startup.ini" but there are just 3 lines of code and no usefull commands.
Actually regarding to the thread on top, it would be a solution to change the reselution of the display AND (I think) stopping the program to initiate the setup for the "display mode"
===> Does somebody know the right file where these information are stored?<===

I think I found the right file where the resolution is stored, but in my case it is still empty because of the issue above.
Can someone where the game is working copy the text of the following file please!?: PersistantSymbols.ini
Its in the following lokation: \GOG.com\Serious Sam The Second Encounter\Scripts\PersistantSymbols.ini

Thanks a lot


So, I got it solved!!!
Its not the best method but it works...
If you have the same problem just get another PC which support a display resolution of 640x460. Than install the game and start it up -> now the programm configured the resolution but its still too low -> change it to 800x600 and maybe directX instead of openGL -> safe your settings and close the game!
NOW: copy the hole game file (hole folder) on your PC where you want to play the game and run it -> now it should work!!!!

Its just a problem with setting up the resolution!!!

I hope I could help somebody...
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