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Hello everybody!
I have a fully functional generic joystick, but when I use it with SWOS, my favorite game, despite having it set to perfection at the beginning of the game, becomes unusable because it always goes right by itself and does not allow me to make any selections.
Anyone have any suggestions for me?
Thank you so much.

(Translated with Google from italian)
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SWOS 96/97 does actually have native joypad/joystick support, but it seems GOG forgot to include a link to the configuration software that's needed to activate it.

There are several ways you can run install.exe from DOSBox, but the easiest way for the GOG is probably this:

1) Open up the game folder (by default "C:\GOG Games\Sensible World of Soccer 96-97")
2) Open the file dosbox_SWOS_single.conf in Notepad.
3) Add the line "install.exe" (without quotes) between "cls" and "english.exe"
4) Open the file dosbox_SWOS.conf in Notepad.
5) Change the line "timed=true" to "timed=false"
6) Save the modified config files and close them.
7) Start the game using the usual link. Don't use the French, German or Italian links in the start menu - you will have the opportunity to change your language).
8) Go to "configure", "control", "joystick and keyboard" to activate. Also change your language from this menu if you're so inclined. You will also need to calibrate your joypad, and DOSBox is a bit sluggish doing this with the default config.
9) Save the settings and exit. The game will then start automatically with joystick support.