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I would really appreciate if someone help me understand how to play this game effectively? I find it incredibly difficult. In particular, I have hard time scoring goals but it is deeper than that. There are several things that I see computer players do which I cannot do with my own players.

1. How to shoot a very high ball?
I know how to pass the ball on the ground or have the player to kick it a little bit further in the air. But at no time I was able to have the ball fly half the pitch after I kick it. Often computer players make these very long passes where the ball goes really high. How one can do this?

1a. On a related note, they often score goals far from beyond the box. How come? I don't even know how to hit ball hard enough so that it actually would reach the goal at any meaningful speed from far beyond the box.

2. How one can have a curved shots?
Again, I computer players from time to time curve their shot. My shots are always straight.

3. How to score?
I have played 20 games or so and scored only 2 goals. Computer players manage to score from all sorts of position. I tried to shoot from an angle but it does not seem to work. Maybe it is related to the point 1 above. When I come from the angle I just hit ctrl hoping that the ball goes in. It went in only on one occasion.

4. Is it possible to change direction of a player without losing a ball?
Most of the time when I change direction of a player who has a ball he we simply leaves the ball behind him. Is that normal? In some situations it makes it pretty much impossible to pass it to a player from my own team...

Btw, I am playing on a keyboard.

SWOS96/97 is really fun, but I wish I just have not sucked in it so bad. Love the teams from 1996, brings childhood memories when I was a soccer fanatic and new many of the team squads by heart but the game seems incredibly difficult. Have nothing against a challenging game but it would be nice if I ever had a hope of winning the game. Right now all I can hope for is 0-0 score.