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Changelog for Patch 1.0.2 (added 10 August 2018):

* Eliminated Infinite dashing, which could result in Squish getting stuck and player unable to access menu.
* Drastically reduced likelihood of getting stuck in walls
* Various hitboxes adjusted for clearer feedback
* Missing dressing in certain camera views
* Fixed Semblance title screen remaining after finishing game and letting credits roll fully
* Fixed certain shape changes not being recorded for “Polymorphic” Achievement

* Removed ability to open debug menu
* Feedback for platform not deforming (if deformation attempted with nearby platform) now pushes Squish away, stopping Squish getting stuck in walls.
* Squish now gets thrown out from underneath portals when loading into an area.
* Changed order of totems indicators on World 2 tree to be clearer on position of totems in world 2
* Rare corrupted save files occurrences now result in text indicator and not showing black screen
* Localisation for corrupted save file text indicator
* Intro scene reloads correctly if you enter intro scene tree and leave it without collecting essence.
* Reinstated small cooldown for dashing when thrown out of platform
* Fixed flying laser from clipping into wall in ending area.
* In World 2, made the vertical velocity of being thrown sideways out of platforms occur more reliably
* Puzzle tweaks/workarounds fixed (specific puzzles list below)

* Format: (level - puzzle)
* World 1:
* 1-6
* 4-5
* 4-5

* World 2:
* 2-5
* 5-1
* 5-3
* 6-1

* World 3
* 1-5
* 3-1
* 3-3
* 3-5
* 5-2