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Changelog of Secret Agent HD

# JMB: Please note that I made the 1st Apogee HD Changelog for Monster Bash - so I am late about changlog for this game.
#           Though this forum started with the DOSBox version, this is only for Secret Agent HD since release on GOG.


Release: Secret Agent HD
30.06.2021 15:00 CET

Become a top agent of the government's secret organization committed to protecting the world against terrorists and
power-mad criminals. Secret Agent HD is now available on GOG.COM!
Note: If you own the Secret Agent game in your library, you will receive a 25% discount on Secret Agent HD.

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Unity (HD version): announced for Linux and Windows.

See also:
   o Emberheart Games - small indie game development studio.
   o Apogee Entertainment - the original indie publisher.
   o Discord for Bug reporting etc.
   o Small Overview on Apogee HD titles.

GOG Offline Installer (30.06.2021 20:30 CET):
   o Lin:  1.0.0 (48179)
   o Win: 1.0.0


Update v1.0.2.1 and v1.0.3
Type: Small Update / Patch Notes
Posted: Tue, July 6, 2021 @ 4:37 PM CEST

Hello everyone, I hope you're having fun with the game!

We are keeping a close eye on your comments, bug reports and streams so we can fix and improve something as soon as possible
so thank you for all the reports and keep them coming!

   o [FIX] You could skip 50% of the E4L09 by ignoring the first red door and just go for the 2nd red doors.
               Second red doors are now green.
   o [FIX] Key Master achievement description mismatch (you need 6 keys, not 4)
   o [FIX] Master Spy achievement won't fail anymore. If it failed for you before, just start the game and it should be awarded.
   o [UPDATE] New background tiles for light beams to light up the sky.

v1.0.2.1 Silent update
   o [FIX]Doors hit from below won't always open
   o [FIX]Game issues when playing on lower resolutions

If you have anything to report, please open a topic in the Bug Reports forum.
You can also visit the Apogee Entertainment Discord and let us know there.

Thank you for playing and stay around, there is more to come!

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GOG Offline Installer (05.07.2021 17:00 CET):
   o Lin:  1.0.0 => 1.0.2 (48298)
   o Win: 1.0.0 => 1.0.2

GOG Offline Installer (09.07.2021 20:30 CET):
   o Lin:  1.0.2 => 1.0.3 (48327)
   o Win: 1.0.2 => 1.0.3
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Update v1.0.4 - Christmas edition
Type: Major Update
Posted: Wed, December 1, 2021 @ 6:53 PM CET

December is here and winter caught Agent 006 1/2 as well.
But nothing stops special agent, especially when you can grab a hot cocoa and a Christmas present along the way.

   o Christmas holidays themed pickups lasting through the whole December (festive content can be disabled from settings)
   o Weather system added to the level editor - Snow
   o New level editor toys to play with:
      - 2 New Secret objects - Slamming Stone & Bubbles from the Secret Level. But in order to use these,
         you will have to finish the secret level first (if you already did, just load the game)
      - New object - Switch (toggle moving platforms and water heaters)
      - New object - Water Heater (melt ice / freeze water by placing heater next to it)
      - New object - Breakable platforms
      - New object - Enemy Sensors (shows enemy locations below the sensor on the screen)
      - New object - Yellow Doors
      - New pickup - Yellow Key
      - New pickup - Blue Spy Glasses (reveals blue hidden platforms)
      - 2 New Level backgrounds - Mountains (night) and Cityscape (day)
      - New background - Big Red Bricks
      - New Tiles - Slippery ice, snow, palm tree, vines, green blocks, yellow & green platforms and more!
      - You can now place 10 keys of each color

We hope you'll enjoy the new gifts and we can't wait to see what you'll be making this December!

   o Ceiling Crawler collision decreased so it can't hurt you from diagonal empty space
   o Some text issues fixed
   o Boss bug fixed where you could hit it with the turret while in the death animation which prevented you from finishing the level
   o E1L05 - Missing ammo pickup added
   o Episode 3 ending scene issue fixed where flying clouds were seen out of gameplay screen on widescreen resolutions

Have a holly jolly December!

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GOG Offline Installer (02.12.2021 20:15 CET):
   o Lin:  1.0.3 => 1.0.4 (51883)
   o Win: 1.0.3 => 1.0.4 (51881)


Minor Patch v1.0.4.1
Type: Small Update / Patch Notes
Posted: Thu, December 9, 2021 @ 11:00 AM CET

This patch is mainly fixing objects placed in the level editor and introducing a few extra tiles.

Fixes & Updates
   o Enabled water heater will leave water unfrozen
   o Agent 006 won't stop at the edge of the slippery ice anymore

   o New background alternatives for reversed diagonal lighted walls
   o 3 additional snow terrain blocks

# Source:

GOG Offline Installer (10.12.2021 01:30 CET):
   o Lin:  1.0.4 => (52067)
   o Win: 1.0.4 => (52066)
Patch v1.0.4.2 - Fixes and new level editor toys
Type: Small Update / Patch Notes
Posted: Mon, July 25, 2022 @ 4:04 PM CEST

This is a small update to fix some critical issues as well as some glitches and minor bugs.
We are throwing in a few extra level editor toys to make it more special while we are at it.

   o You can no longer glitch the boss by firing at him while being destroyed
   o Position of a specific secret bag from the Secret Level in Episode 4 was changed
      so you can collect it without using the pause glitch.
   o Pause is now applied to bubbles and boss-level turret
   o Some minor visual glitches and tiles fixed
   o Damaging spider will play damage sound now

   o New bonus pickup - Case Folder
   o Few extra map tiles to play with, check them out!

If you haven't played Secret Agent HD for a while, you should check out custom levels made by talented level creators.
There are over 120 custom levels made waiting for you!

Thanks to a group of individuals for reporting issues (you know who you are) and everyone else for supporting
the game by playing and creating levels. You are the best!


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GOG Offline Installer (30.07.2022 22:00 CET):
   o Lin: (52067) => (57561)
   o Win: (52066) => (57546)

# JMB: It seems the Linux version uses different paths for saves/config than before ... contacted the Dev ...
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