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Enjoy being seen by someone you couldn't see because the camera wouldn't let you face that way, then having to replay half the level because of the awful combat system not letting you switch targets quickly? Buy this game.
Hell, you can't even move when in first person.
While agree that the camera is a pain and targeting stuff isn't easy unless your character is facing the thing you want to shoot, I have to say that the overall combat experience is actually an extremely good one.
Sure aiming niggly at times, the psi powers and weapons aren't well integrated together, and the camera behaves like it hates you, but its well worth perseverance imho. Aside from these superficial problems, the game is actually very well made, fun and has an engrossing, well told story (though I've barely started so we'll see how it goes).
Uh, actually this was really easy if you took the time to be sneaky. The game blends stealth really well with the action elements. I mean sure, the camera is a pain in the arse, but that is well compensated with the weapons and psi powers. Seriously, if you are gonna complain about a game for having a bad camera (A LOT of games have this flaw.), maybe it is YOU because this game never messed with me liked that (That and I beat the PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube version =) ). A good game isn't flawed by its graphics and camera, it's about the gameplay and what makes it unique (Like art.). Other than that, try playing slowerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I agree.
Is the worse $10 I spend. Is just another crap port.
Sorry for the bad english.
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Old thread, but this seems the perfect place to vent my frustration.
AAARGH. I just spent ages working my way through the Asylum where the psychic chick is held. Then I screwed up once and died (for the first time, I might add). Two options.. retry and restart from checkpoint. Somehow, 'retry' seems less severe than 'restart from checkpoint'. <click>
So yes, the game is frustrating. Camera and save system sucks a lot (even if you do not misinterpret the menu :p )and this *does* lessen the game as a whole. Especially the camera, given that this game is very much a stealth game. However, story (so far)+setting, psychic powers and graphical style are awesome. Awesome enough to suffer the frustrating parts, at least for me.