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This is made by the same people that developed Time Splitters. I really love the character designs, they're unique and offer a lot of personality. The story is also very intriguing as you play as a skeptical scientist who's endowed mysteriously with psychic powers. You live through both current events and flashbacks of the past. The psychic powers are really interesting, letting you lift stuff, take over minds, heal yourself and hit far away switches.
The premise and presentation are both great, but the problem with Second Sight is that it's a stealth action game and you often want to remain hidden. The thing is that the camera does NOT want to obey you. The fixed angles are awful and the free camera is unwieldy and twitchy at best. Often times you'll not be able to see patrolling guards and wind up having to fight or run away.
I've also experienced numerous crashes with the game at certain parts.
Despite the bugs and frustrations this can still be a fun game to experience, though I think Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy has the edge over this one.
lol @ the incorrect use of masochistic (hint: try sadistic)
i hope the camera doesn't enjoy hurting itself. what would that even look like?