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I just finished the Redemption level, and there's a few things I don't quite get. I enjoyed the game, really, but there's a few plot-holes I need filled in, and they're both rather large.
If all of the mission-levels in the "present" were just Vattic's child-assisted visions of the future... what was the point of having them? Is this just supposed to be the children's way of saying "Don't screw up, or this will happen?" Yes, I understand the point that knowing what the future holds enables you to prevent it... but not if there's a six-month disconnect between the future and the present and you don't know ANYTHING about what happens in between, and all of your present problems are obvious anyway (Do I really need to be reminded that I should probably NOT fail my mission and get my entire squad of marines killed?).
Also, if Jayne is a psychic like Vattic is, why couldn't SHE do all the heroic stuff? If nothing else, she seems to have better precognitive skills... knowing what's going to happen a few seconds in the future is arguably more useful than knowing what will happen several months away. You'd get a lot more use out of knowing when you're going to be shot right now at than knowing that you're going to lose your memory and be universally thought of as a psychotic monster in the distant future.
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Hi there. I haven't played this game in quite some time and just bought it (Waiting to download it. Tip: If you buy Painkiller, be ready for a HEFTY download time.), but I will do my best to help you.
1) To me, the children (The cannibals they are) used there physic abilities to help you "see" what was going to happen. Don't ask I still have no idea WTF those kids were doing.
2) Jane was in an unstable state. Do you not remember the Asylum?
3) Awesome game!!! Beat it the day it came out.