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Reviewing the GameCube version.
This game has colourful and expressive character animation, fun shooter action sequences, and a load of psychic powers that are fun to explore and abuse. I poured hours and hours into this on Gamecube, and highly recommend it.
The game does have its flaws though. First, it's way too easy. I'm a perfectionist, so I'd play sequences over and over to get them "just right", but I also played through once being lazy. You can take about a hundred enemy bullets before you even have to *worry* about maybe dying. And then you can just heal. If you want a challenge, you'll have to invent personal-achievements, like not using your healing power the whole game, or beating it with only your fists and psi-powers.
Secondly, the game can have some real problems with its camera system, especially while using the telekineses power in tight areas. I got used to it, but for awhile, you may have to fight the game.
This game was one of my favourites, though, on Gamecube and I really hoped that a bug-fixing sequel would have been released by now. It hasn't, so I encourage you to buy this one instead!