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Does your copy of Second Sight fail to load past the splash screen?

Are you unhappy your $10 has gone to waste?

I have solved the problem!

When Second Sight loads up, it uses a dodgy API call to Windows to retrieve the size of a file and allocates a buffer in memory accordingly.

However, if the buffer isn't big enough it overflows! The game sees this as an error, and goes into an infinite loop trying to reload the file.

The problem is file compression! Windows NTFS volumes can compress files, and the dodgy API call is only returning the size of the file as it is on the disk, rather than the size of the uncompressed file.

The solution is to make the numbers match up! Uncompress your Second Sight directory, and you'll be able to run the game!!

Cue applause.

(Or rotten fruit, if you think that compressing your gaming drive is ludicrous)

Link to the 'aha!' moment.
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