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Here are the changelogs, as the devs currently don't include them when pushing updates. The earlier ones are redundant but I will post them here anyway.

- - -

Update 1.0.1 (21 Oct 2019)

-fixed bug where the game would assume you are playing with gamepad, when you're not.
-fixed bug where game would sometimes start as very small screen.
-fixed an issue where the cut-scenes for the Archbishop wouldn't trigger
-fixed a rare bug where it was impossible to skip cut-scenes (and the game would lock)
-fixed a bug where you would select a different arena when choosing apostles after arena had been selected.
-added the option to switch between full-screen/windowed by toggling resolution in the options (More in-depth fix will follow)

I uploaded another little extra quickfix now which fixes some stuff that came up and was easy to fix. NOTE: this is not the bigger patch that I've promised.
Fixes include:
-Changed chinese font so it's readable in cutscenes. It still looks weird when choosing apostles and some pages of the book of dagon. Will fix this in future localization patch.
-fixed a bug where some players did not receive the achievement for killing the bishop.
-fixed a crash that happened when using the madman minion against the Lone Warden.
-fixed bug where the end cut-scene wouldn't play if completing a level from a suspended save

- - -

Update 1.1.0 (1 Nov 2019)

-fixed the issue (again) where the game starts in a small screen
-added option to turn off screen-shake.

-Swarm: Updated sprite so it's easier to see.
-Drogher: Doesn't kill itself on attack. Added slowing trail.
-Crabs: Decreased number of crabs spawned from 7 to 6.
-Flies: Increased number of flies spawned from 10 to 13.
-Flesh: Increased Damage.

-Flamethrower Hunter: lowered health by 25%. Increased time in between attacks.
-Pikeman: Lowered HP.
-Armored Gunner: Lowered HP.
-Archer: Increased Damage.
-Sword Hunter: Leaves small trails of smoke behind after doing an attack.

-Fire now does friendly fire! (damages enemies and structures)
-Slowing Smoke: Lowered minion slow time and smoke lifetime.

-Edited some levels to make some easier and some harder. Regions touched include The City, Farms, Forest, Graveyard and Gardens.

- - -

Update 1.1.0b (4 Nov 2019)
-fixed an issue where the game would crash at certain bosses.
-fixed an issue where the apostle Silaris wouldn't be able to be unlocked.
-fixed some minor issues.
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