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In how many languages was Sea Dogs 1 released?
If I look at, there seems to be an german version of the game:

Any chance that will release more than the english and russian localization?
I dont know, if I should buy here on or try to find a retail copy.
After some research on german game reviews and forums, I believe this game was never translated into german. I wonder why Amazon mentions german and english. Maybe they mean the game package is germa, but the text ingame are all english.

So delievered here all available versions, which exists.

Edit: As I see, the game is available in polish language:

Don't know if this is a official version or just a fan patch.
I think fan patch, because polish games were almost english versions, espacially in the 2000s.
There are exceptions like Gothic, Baldurs Gate and Harry Potter, but as far as I know, polish games were to 98 % 1:1 the english versions.
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