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I just installed the game and i notice some problems :

1 I can"t select France when creating my char

2 impossible to change some keys on the keyboard and more the Q game said its already used but its not the case why ?

3 i would select French text but how and where ?

if someone can help me let me know !

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Hi again !

Ok i solved things ; I find how to set french text by browsing the folder and activating the lang exe

i also found how to bind key by playing with the different mode of views in the settings.

And i also be able to select France but i am still wondering why there is no French character to select...
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I think there is only 1 character to play whose backstory is that he comes from England, but it is up to you to determine his alliegence.

You start the game as a free agent who is hunted by Spain, and it is only when you go to a governor to get a Letter of Marque that you become affiliated with any of the 3 national powers. So if you want to play as a French privateer, sail to Belflor island (it is NNW of Granada Avilia) and talk to the governor there.

You can later change allegiences in the game by visiting a neutral governor and asking him for a Letter of Marque. Also each country has secret agents who will offer to grant you a pardon (for a fee) in exchange for switching sides.

The secret agents can all be found in the taverns in either Gray Sails or Shark Islands.
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