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how can i change my keybindingss to CursorUp, -Down, -Left and -Right (ArrowKeys) in the options menue
for controls configuration ?
I can assign the ArrowKeys in the controlsTab for 'Sailing 1st Person' and 'Sailing 3rd Person' without probs.

But i can't assign the ArrowKeys in 'Primary Land' or 'Fight Mode'. There it allways declares these Keys as allready
assigned to something else, but those keys are not assigned.

So i cant see why ArrowKeys are not assignable in these 2 Tabs.

Could not find any working solution for this case.

Some idea would be helpfull


no questions please why not using default bindings,
If you can find a manual to dl(sorry can't remember where i got mine), there are some extra shortcuts not listed in the game(like r then +,- to speed the game up). The arrow keys are apparently used for dialogue selection.

ALso i noticed that some keys just don't get recognised when you want to rebind them.