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Water1111: topic.
I know of a single site with a little mod support.
Also it is..possible..sort craft your own mods and actually add a LOT of interesting things to the game, but sadly there is no forums really apart from this, so a lot of facts about the game have been lost actually.

Anyhow get the mod from this site.
Enjoy :D
Water1111: topic.

What I mean if there's to be any sort of mod support, you'd likely find out about it there, but it seems like PotC was the first one that they were modding...

Snagged a copy of AoP2CoAS off Amazon for $5 last night... last I checked they were some idiotically high price... never saw it available to buy online in US/Canada and even on gamersgate EU I think that it was only briefly available...

I wonder what happened... as it wasn't supposed to have been that buggy...

The AoP2 copy is an import, and I think that it was the last copy...

There are some sea dogs mods, but I haven't tried any yet, and this is the only site that I really know of that has anything for the akelia pirates games...
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