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GrumpyElk: You can choose the resolution in which you want to play the game by manually editing the engine.ini in your City of Abandoned Ships folder with wordpad.

Insert the resolution values into the lines
screen_x and screen_y:

This is what i use, but you may want to edit the values differently:
screen_x = 2560
screen_y = 1440

I heard that there maybe problems with the loading screen, UI, Inventory, because the game has a 4:3 aspect ratio as default. In most cases your screen should look somehow stretched.

This is what seems to fix it:

Go to

Sea Dogs - City of Abandoned Ships\Program\INTERFACE\interface.c

and also edit it with wordpad

search the following line:
showWindow.aspectRatio = (h*4.0)/(w*3.0);

and change it to:
showWindow.aspectRatio = 1.0;

Just in case, backup your files before you change them.

It took me some time to figure it out, so i wanted to share and probably save you some time.
I hope it helps and you enjoy your game even more.
Hi, I just found, read about and wanted to start this game. I found this posting when I was trying to figure out how to play it in a higher resolution. I found the first bit about changing the screen_x and screen_y with no problem, but as to finding the "showWindow.aspectRatio = (h*4.0)/(w*3.0);" in the City of Abandoned Ships\Program\INTERFACE\interface.c line, I can't find it anywhere!? Why would that be? I even tried to use the "Find" command and it can't find it. Anyone have an idea what's wrong? Is it actually in a different folder or something? Thanks!!
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