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Hey everyone,
I bought Sea Dogs here on GoG and other than the disc-version this time Sea Dogs is running very fine on my Windows 7 64-bit PC.
However I have graphical issues when there is a storm in the game.
All menus are just black. The minimap is black, when I look through a telescope the infobar is black and when I fight the bars showing the crew and the fatigue are black.

I have an AMD Sapphire HD 7950 graphics card and the latest stable driver (Omega (14.12)).

Does anyone else experience the same problem? Or even know a solution?

Kind regards,
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I own this game on CD and it's a bug that is present on Win 7. On Win XP there are no issues whatsoever.
You can hit backspace several times to change the UI layout and get rid of it temporarily.

Thanks for sharing as now I know it is not fixed and won't buy it again.
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I observe the same thing. Some kind of bug with texture transparency.

Tell me please, have you found a solution since then?