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Hey everyone,

We just added installers that update Screencheat to version 1.1.1 on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This update includes the following changes:

Suicide score now split into fall penalty and self kill penalty
Allowed editing of suicide scores in game settings
Allowed editing of last man standing score in game settings (elimination)
Allowed editing of score per kill in game settings for relevant game modes

Switched invert look to use the Y button (action 4) in game
Renamed “Convention Mode” to “Quickplay”. Thanks to Shadowspaz for the name.

Fixed several issues where the incorrect text appeared in menus
Fixed issue after players disconnected in Murder Mystery (causing remaining players to not die or respawn correctly)
Murder Mystery crates no longer break after a spectator joins
Murder Mystery supplies the Blunderbuss, Revolver Rifle, Grenade Launcher and Crossbow as intended
Murder Mystery ends the round when the player count drops below the minimum required

+Steeple now has two shiny new paintings.

-Steeple lighting balanced more evenly.
-Hillcampers now works on Steeple.
-Chef achievement now adds kills before and after you fire.
-Elimination - Last man standing score from game settings used correctly.
-Audio levels of event loops tweaked.
-Elimination - Fixed issue when everyone dies simultaneously.
-Fixed the Humble Sack skin in CTF.
-Humble Sack position/rotation fixed.

Thanks and have a good one!
Thanks for the update :) Can't wait to play it again with some friends, he he.