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Scorn supports controller (XBox,PS4/5)?
yluryl: Scorn supports controller (XBox,PS4/5)?
Steam says "partial controller support" for the game.
That usually means that a game is fully playable with it, but e.g. menus have to be controlled with the mouse and/or keyboard.
That I have seen, but as fas as I know and from my own experience, that only means yu can map keyboard buttons and mouse controlls to a connected controller via Big Picture Configuration. What I was hoping for was actual, official controller support right in the menu, eg like metro exodus.
As soon as I've started the game, I'll test it :-)

Update: It looks like it has full controller support. The game and the menus can be fully controlled with the controller.
(I'm using an Xbox Series controller on Windows 10)
Post edited October 14, 2022 by Robsui360
GOG store page says "controller supported" so yes, I guess controllers are supported.